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Clinerion Ltd
Clinerion Ltdposted an update1 June 2022
Clinerion will attend the 20th Çukurova Pediatrics Congress at Çukurova University, Adana, Turkey, on June 1-5, 2022. Clinerion's Sinan Findik will present the preliminary findings of a project on identifying undiagnosed Fabry patients using a disease-specific phenotypes model which we developed together with project partners from academia and the pharmaceutical industry. #reimagineresearch #ÇukurovaPediatricsCongress #fabry #identifyingundiagnosedpatients
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Clinerion Ltd
Clinerion Ltdposted an update31 May 2022
Very pleased to report that we presented the preliminary findings of our project on Pompe Disease, which Clinerion carried out in cooperation with Istanbul University Medical School and Sanofi, yesterday, at the XVI. International Metabolic Diseases and Nutrition Congress, in Antakya/Hatay, Turkey. The congress continues until tomorrow. Our Clinerion colleagues would still be pleased to meet you there for discussions; we are always open to new project collaborations! #reim...
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Clinerion Ltd
Clinerion Ltdposted an update30 May 2022
Today, join Clinerion's Luis Magalhaes at the D|A|CH Symposium in Salzburg! He's looking forward to discuss how hospitals may leverage RWD to support clinical research by matching patients to trials & optimise patient care. #reimagineresearch #realworlddata #rwd #dachsymposium
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