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CN Groupposted an update5 May
The .NET Core 3.0 has brought a new namespace: System.Threading.Channels, which contains a synchronisation data structure crucial for concurrent programming. Read our latest article and find out what concurrency is, how is it connected to channels, and why concurrency is, in many cases, an easy way to parallel computation. Learn from our experience ->
CN Group
CN Groupposted an update19 March
Covid-19 response from CN Group, one year after.
CN Group
CN Groupposted an update17 March
Another successful CN University course is behind us. This time we offered our internal testers the option of upgrading to Drupal Developers. After 2 days of intensive training and hacking away on the final task, we are glad that we can welcome two new reinforcements to the Drupal Team.

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For the last 26 years, we at CN Group ( have developed high quality, outsourced software for customers in Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK. We also provide a range of tailor-made maintenance and support services, QA and testing services, trainings and mechanical design engineering. Our...

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