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comosoft GmbH
comosoft GmbHposted an update9 April
Thank you for joining our webinar series over the last weeks. We at Comosoft hope, that you enjoyed the events as much as we did – because we definitely did! Stay tuned for our upcoming webinars on our website!
comosoft GmbH
comosoft GmbHposted an update29 March
Our final webinar of this trilogy is already in the starting blocks. To bring the optimized circular production process to a dignified ending we will be talking about our unique proofing solution LAGO Proof. EPISODE III: 04/08 – 4:00 pm CET | 3:00pm GMT | 9:00 am CST | 10:00 am EST More Than Just Another Proofing Solution – Perform Last-Minute-Changes Without Rocking the Boat. Register directly via this link: ...

Comosoft ist einer der weltweit führenden Technologieanbieter für PIM- und Medienproduktionssysteme. Mit unserem zentralen Datenmanagement-System ermöglichen wir es Ihnen, alle Ihre Verkaufskanäle wie Print, E-Commerce, Mobile oder Point of Sale zu organisieren und miteinander zu verknüpfen. Auf diese Weise können wir Kunden...

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