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Comyno GmbH
Comyno GmbHposted an update12 August
Use our converter to switch the trade repository!! UnaVista offered with their RulesEngine a service, that took away some burden from the participants, i.e. to create the XML schema for a direct upload into the actual trade repository. With this service now not being available anymore, you will have to create the XML schema yourself as other trade repositories do not provide you with this added value service. We previously already built a converter specific for Unavista RulesEngine specificatio...
Comyno GmbH
Comyno GmbHposted an update12 August
We at Comyno are glad that the kids of FC Östringen are back on the field. After a difficult year, finally, it is possible to train and play again. We hope they can keep on enjoying football and we will continue to support their passion! ⚽️🥅
Comyno GmbH
Comyno GmbHposted an update26 May
With the increasing variety of processes in the securities finance business, for systems, interfaces, departments and regulatory requirements, you have to keep track of things. Here we help you to implement your exact requirements with the use of our modular system all from one source, C-One. Find insights on how Comyno’s future-proofed software aims to drive down costs and streamlines processes on the Technology Annual 2021: ...

Comyno - Specialists in Securities Finance  Comyno is a specialised FinTech company with more than 15 years of experience in Securities Finance, focusing on software and consulting. We work with leading private and public financial institutions, clearing houses and triparty agents, combining our expertise in strategy,...

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