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Comyno GmbH
Comyno GmbHposted an updateToday
🚀 We are thrilled to introduce our newest hires! 🎉  To support Comynos' continuing growth, we are happy to have two new exceptional DevOps Engineers, Marko Andric and Zeljko Grubisic, aboard! Both have a rich experience and an excellent track record.  Our increased development capacities will bring added value to our clients. Welcome to the Comyno family! 🌟
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Comyno GmbH
Comyno GmbHposted an update24 May
📣 The countdown begins, and we are just some weeks away from the ISLA 30th Annual Securities Finance & Collateral Management Conference. It will take place in Lisbon from 20th to 22nd June! 🎉 The ISLA Conference provides the perfect stage for us to share our expertise, insights, and solutions. Our team of experts, composed of Frank Becker, Admir Spahic, Stefan Knoblauch, Alexander Zuber and Alejandra Escalante, will be present at our booth throughout the event, eager to engage in meaningful di...
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Comyno GmbH
Comyno GmbHposted an update8 May
Comyno keeps on growing! 🎉 We are thrilled to announce that we have a new addition to our team! Please join us in a warm welcome to Joshua Baums! 🚀 Joshua has relevant experience in application development, specifically in C++ and Python, he has an impressive track record in the field of IT security and artificial intelligence. He discovered and successfully fixed a critical kernel vulnerability in multiple Apple operating systems. His expertise in system programming also helped him implement ...
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Comyno - Specialists in Securities Finance  Comyno is a specialised FinTech company with more than 15 years of experience in Securities Finance, focusing on software and consulting. We work with leading private and public financial institutions, clearing houses and triparty agents, combining our expertise in strategy,...

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