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Consult MicroBio
Consult MicroBioposted an update2 May
Attention microbiologists! Did you know that anaerobic organisms require a specific atmosphere to grow adequately? This is crucial for the safety of products, consumers, and patients. Luckily, Consult MicroBio has the solution for you! Our Anaerobic jar meets the requirements of microbiologists in the pharma, food, and clinical segments. Don't wait any longer and share your inquiry today to ensure the safety and quality of your work. #Anaerobicorganisms #Microbiology #safety #qualitycontrol
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Consult MicroBio
Consult MicroBioposted an update4 April
📢 Microbial culture preservation just got easier with Bactobank! Say goodbye to the hassle of managing culture strains and isolates. Bactobank comes with a range of features that make it the perfect solution for reducing your activity related to microbial culture preservation. 💡#Keyfeatures ● Available in both multi-color and single-color ● Bactobank's color-coded cap vials provide visual distinction for different preserved strains ● Leakproof vials and ● Longer shelf-life Managing cultur...
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Consult MicroBio
Consult MicroBioposted an update30 December 2023
Papel de la filtración del aire, la dirección del aire y la presión diferencial en el control de la contaminación El diseño y la distribución de las instalaciones desempeñan funciones vitales en la estrategia de control de la contaminación (CCS). Las versiones defectuosas de los mismos tienen el potencial de descarrilar su mejor CCS posible. Por ejemplo: La falta de barreras físicas en áreas ISO 5 puede provocar una posible contaminación. • La selección de los filtros correctos es fundamental...
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Consult MicroBio (a Global Bio-consulting company) is a team of experts with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, allowing us to provide comprehensive consulting services to businesses of all sizes and industries, ensuring that our clients receive top-notch solutions for their every need.

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