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crop.zoneposted this article7 May 2020 keeps on working hard for farmers. Our latest hybrid herbicide system in the field testing new AI´s for new herbicide treatment. => see the video here We deliver an innovative way to manage weeds, by applying a conductive liquid together with electricity (within CE norms) offering farmers a viable alternative for conventional herbicide treatments. hybrid herbicide

See the latest version of our hybrid herbicide in action hybrid herbicide
crop.zoneposted this article10 January 2020
f you hold a Master or Dipl. Degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering and you are sick and tired of all those MBA´s telling you how to build a proper machine. If you are addicted to AG tech and whish to change the future of Agriculture. If you love to design and build heavy equipment => come join the team and get it done! contact us at to join the team

The mission of GmbH is to enable sustainable CO2 binding in the soil without having to rely on total herbicides such as glyphosate. Mission Statement ·       A multi-functional, autonomously driving platform able to perform a number of different tasks in plant production (from seedbed preparation to...

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