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Czulkowski Rental


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Czulkowski Rental
Czulkowski Rentalposted an update30 December 2022
Our whole team wishes you a lot of joy and happiness 🥳🎇 during this #holiday season. 🎆🎊🎉
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Czulkowski Rental
Czulkowski Rentalposted an update23 December 2022
From everyone at Czulkowski Rental⛓, we’d like to say thank you for your continued loyalty in us.🔝 ✅ Put your feet up and have a well-deserved rest this #Christmas and let every day of the #holiday season be filled with joy.🎄🎁🎉🎊
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Czulkowski Rental
Czulkowski Rentalposted an update2 December 2022
Busy week in #Holland having a couple of setups.🔍 We finished this part of the #project with excellent results as well, thanks to our electric compact forklift ⛓🔋, equipped with 3 m fork extensions, and of course our #technicians 👨‍🔧. For the second part of the project, there will be some heavier #machinery, but this is not a problem for Czulkowski Rental and Erich Czulkowski GmbH. 🏗 We have everything you need for your project. We know how to make it easy.🔝💡 #ERAInternationaleSpeditionGmbH
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Czulkowski Rental

Ob Versetzen einer Maschine oder Umzug einer ganzen Produktionsstätte, wir haben das passende Equipment für jedes große Projekt! CZULKOWSKI Rental vermietet Spezialahrzeuge und Transportwerkzeuge europaweit, vom Kompaktstapler über Fahrwerke bis hin zum Pick & Carry Kran - einfach, schnell und flexibel.

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