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D.I.S Germany
D.I.S Germanyposted an update21 November 2023
We are hiring! Please check our website to see all our job offers, such as positions in office management, in the development department, but also in our upcoming manufacturing division. Wir stellen ein! Auf unserer Website finden Sie alle unsere Stellenangebote, z. B. für Stellen im Büromanagement, in der Entwicklungsabteilung, aber auch in unserem zukünftigen Fertigungsbereich.

D.I.S Germany, Your contact for electron and ion beam technology!

D.I.S Germany has competences in Electron and Ion Beam Technology. D.I.S Germany offers ion sources, charged particle optics and diagnostics and complete ion irradiation facilities for applications in gas analytics, medicine, ion implantation and irradiation and for research and development.
D.I.S Germany, Your contact for electron and ion beam technology!
D.I.S Germany
D.I.S Germanyposted an update28 November 2022
D.I.S Germany celebrates the official groundbreaking of a Center of Excellence in Ion Beam Technologies in the industrial area Pirna-Copitz North. The construction site is rapidly changing on a daily basis, revealing more and more the impressive dimensions of the final construction with approx. 1.300 m² of office space and approx. 5.000 m² of production space with the option of further expansion in the future. The completion of the construction is scheduled for September 2023. The photo on the ...
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D.I.S Germany
D.I.S Germanyposted an update29 September 2022
D.I.S Germany is pleased to announce the construction of our European Research and Development Center (ERDC) with 1300 m² of office space and close to 5000 m² of production halls in the industrial park Pirna Copitz-Nord in the Greater Dresden area. The building site has an area of 13.000 m² with the neighboring areas being available for future expansion. For further pictures and information, see our website at .
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D.I.S Germany

Die D.I.S Germany GmbH, ein deutsch‐amerikanisches Unternehmen, ist Spezialist für Ionenstrahltechnologien und verwandte Felder. D.I.S steht für das Know‐how und das Finden von Dynamic Integrated Solutions in der Elektronen‐ und Ionenstrahltechnologie, der Herstellung komplexer Anlagen für Anwendungen unter anderem im Bereich der Analytik, Medizin

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