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Data2Logisticsposted this article18 March 2013
Fort Myers, Florida and Rotterdam, Netherlands March 18, 2013 – Global supply chain information and technology company Data2Logistics announces the launch of the organization’ Shipper-Industry Benchmarking Program, providing a consultative review of a company’s freight shipping costs, comparing findings with industry benchmarks identified by Data2Logistics, to determine areas for cost reduction in conjunction with the savings scale probable to achieve through carrier and service level optimizati...
Data2Logisticsposted this article12 March 2013
This study highlights fiscal needs trending towards tangible results. For organizations who seek to maximize shipping billing payment accuracy and efficiency, an effective way to optimize the entire process is to form an alliance with an independent freight bill processor that has the necessary technology to provide thorough pre- and post-payment auditing and payment services, to maximize accuracy and resulting cost savings. Manufacturers, distributors, retailers and etailers who utilize freight...
Data2Logisticsposted this article5 March 2013
Supply chain profiles find themselves reliant on a myriad of suppliers. Some days it’s overwhelming, others are blessings. Often the difference is the level of collaboration with the people of these outside organizations, and the benefits of their offerings when fully engaged. PricewaterhouseCoopers’ January, 2013 report 10Minutes on supply chain flexibility, relays feedback of 150 supply chain executives surveyed, with a reoccurring emphasis point being shipper-supplier collaboration, and r...

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With domestic and global freight transportation options and cost structures becoming increasingly complicated, freight bill processor, auditor and advisor Data2Logistics focuses efforts to provide up-to-date, marketplace-based information with cost-saving freight bill auditing actions. Combined, these services are positioned...

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