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Die Artillerie


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Die Artillerie
Die Artillerieposted this article2 February 2015 We've spent the past few weeks to rebuild our website from scratch. Today it's time to go public and celebrate the relaunch. Enjoy a ton of new artworks, concepts and designs Finest Visual Brew with 9 delightful ingrediences ▪ Benjamin von Eckartsberg ▪ Tobias Frank ▪ Lukas Frese ▪ Markus Friemann ▪ Marc Herold ▪ Alexander Lozano ▪ Florian Mitgutsch ▪ Peter Oedekoven ▪ Uli Oesterle

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The studio "Artillerie" was founded in Munich, Germany in 1995. It consists of 9 artists, working on various national and international projects. Their clients include advertising companies, publishers, game companies, film productions, animation studios etc. "Artillerie" is not bound to any agents or representation...

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