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dig8ital GmbHposted an update11 July 2022
BEST PRACTICE GUIDE / In the age of modern cyber warfare, it's increasingly likely that your business will suffer a ransomware attack. The question is not whether or not you can totally avoid it, but rather - what can you do to best prepare? And … should you pay up? Read more here:

[PDF] Should You Pay a Ransomware Ransom

Should you pay a ransomware ransom, or fight it? In this guide we explore the ramifications of paying, and the
[PDF] Should You Pay a Ransomware Ransom

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At dig8ital we help organizations meet their digital transformation and cyber security challenges by adopting new innovative approaches that are comprehensive, strategic and pragmatic. We do this by partnering with executives, senior business leaders and their people, across a diverse range of industries, to provide expert strategic advice around c

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