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DSi - Delta Services Industriels
DSi - Delta Services Industrielsposted an updateβ€’Yesterday
Check the new video 🎬 of our C-Lube operating principle βš™οΈ C-Lube is the solution for oil consumption measurement πŸ“ˆ : - On-Line / Real-time results: 24-point LOC map within a day - High sensitivity (< 1 mg) - Absolute results in gr/hr - Independent from fuel dilution - Transient and steady-state operating condition - No change in oil/fuel properties - Quantitative distinction between oil consumption sources: engine block, blow-by and turbocharger C-Lube's wide range of applications 🏍️: Ligh...

C-Lube for On-line Oil Consumption Measurement

C-Lube Operating Principle for On-line Oil Consumption Measurement 1) Engine oil is labeled with a radiotracer and a monitoring system is installed in the exhaust line where the marker is efficiently trapped. 2) During engine operation the tracer is burned proportionally to the lubricant as well as unburn particles. 3) The measurement consists of monitoring, in real-time, the amount of tracer trapped in the exhaust line. The amplitude of the detected signal is proportional to the oil consumption. More information on : - www.deltabeam.net - sales@deltabeam.netyoutube.com
C-Lube for On-line Oil Consumption Measurement
DSi - Delta Services Industriels
DSi - Delta Services Industrielsposted an updateβ€’29 March
Today is a big day for DSi as we launch our third version of Air-X : the πŸ†• Super Compact Air-X. The SC Air-X is the result of the hard work done by our R&D team πŸ’‘ The goal was to provide a versatile sensor to precisely and continuously monitor Air-in-Fluid, suitable for all types of applications 🏎️ and industries 🏭 : Motorcycle - Passenger Car - Truck - Aeronautics - Electric & Hybrid Vehicle - Racing (Formula 1 & Nascar) - Offroad - Marine - Lubricant Industry - Civil Engineering Machiner...

-- Tools to speed up your Research & Development -- DSi offers innovative equipment and services for engine/lubricant development and testing. DSi is a world leader in the use of radiotracer techniques. Our customers are from the automotive, lubricant, and aeronautic industries. We intervene as R&D partners for the...

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