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DSi - Delta Services Industriels


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DSi - Delta Services Industriels
DSi - Delta Services Industrielsposted an updateβ€’4 May 2021
Check the new video 🎬 of our C-Lube operating principle βš™οΈ C-Lube is the solution for oil consumption measurement πŸ“ˆ : - On-Line / Real-time results: 24-point LOC map within a day - High sensitivity (< 1 mg) - Absolute results in gr/hr - Independent from fuel dilution - Transient and steady-state operating condition - No change in oil/fuel properties - Quantitative distinction between oil consumption sources: engine block, blow-by and turbocharger C-Lube's wide range of applications 🏍️: Ligh...
DSi - Delta Services Industriels
DSi - Delta Services Industrielsposted an updateβ€’29 March 2021
Today is a big day for DSi as we launch our third version of Air-X : the πŸ†• Super Compact Air-X. The SC Air-X is the result of the hard work done by our R&D team πŸ’‘ The goal was to provide a versatile sensor to precisely and continuously monitor Air-in-Fluid, suitable for all types of applications 🏎️ and industries 🏭 : Motorcycle - Passenger Car - Truck - Aeronautics - Electric & Hybrid Vehicle - Racing (Formula 1 & Nascar) - Offroad - Marine - Lubricant Industry - Civil Engineering Machiner...
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-- Tools to speed up your Research & Development -- DSi offers innovative equipment and services for engine/lubricant development and testing. DSi is a world leader in the use of radiotracer techniques. Our customers are from the automotive, lubricant, and aeronautic industries. We intervene as R&D partners for the...

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