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Dynamic Biosensors GmbH
Dynamic Biosensors GmbHposted this article7 January 2020
The dynamicBIOSENSORS team is excited to announce the launch of the heliX® line of biosensor instruments! heliX® is based on a modular technical design and features an automatic chip-loader in conjunction with a 384 well plate compatible autosampler, allowing you to scale-up throughput to thousands of samples per day.

heliX | Dynamic Biosensors

The principal functional elements of switchSENSE® are DNA nanolevers, which can be electrically actuated to oscillate at high frequencies.
Dynamic Biosensors GmbH
Dynamic Biosensors GmbHposted this article17 June 2016
Dynamic Biosensors GmbH is looking forward to introducing the first biosensor enabling the analysis of two molecular probes on the same detection spot. The new switchSENSE:registered: DRX2 dual-color system for interaction analysis, possible novel methods of use are: Same Spot Control I Dual Binding Modelling I ‘Proof of Action’ The DRX2 is available for laboratory demonstration and webinar & seminar presentation, please contact
Dynamic Biosensors GmbH
Dynamic Biosensors GmbHposted this article18 April 2016
An invitation to the future of interaction technology – powered by switchSENSE:registered: Meet our scientists at the Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf on the 28th of April 2016. Real time, physical and kinetics insights and packed with novel methodologies for proteins, DNA/RNA, small molecules, bispecific antibodies and DNA/RNA binding proteins. Presentation of application data followed by live instrument demonstration. ...

DYNAMIC BIOSENSORS - DISCOVER MOLECULAR INTERACTIONS Dynamic Biosensors is a provider of instruments, consumables, and services in the field of analytical systems for the characterization of biomolecules and molecular interactions. We are located in Martinsried, south of Munich, a vital center of Europe‘s biotechnology...

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