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eMentalist GmbH
eMentalist GmbHposted an update5 days ago
Today we officially welcome Peter Forster as the second member of our Senior Advisory Board. Peter has long served in management and board roles at some of Europe's major real estate management firms – Allianz, Deka and PATRIZIA among others. With his vast experience overseeing the strategic management of properties, he offers valuable insights for our future product designs and is currently involved in the further development of RE:QGATE.
eMentalist GmbH
eMentalist GmbHposted an update4 May
Patrick is one of our leading experts in automated text processing, data analysis and language modelling as well as AI-based text analysis. With more than 10 years of experience as a developer, our Head of Development and Data Engineering is responsible for back end and rule engine development, the design of dashboard solutions and even entirely new products. That way, he helps our clients to digitalize their organization and automate manual processes to boost efficiency. #teamtuesday #artifici...
eMentalist GmbH
eMentalist GmbHposted an update30 April
Natural Language Processing, or NLP for short, is concerned with understanding the contents of unstructured texts and analyzing its context with the help of algorithms. Since human speech and texts generally do not follow any fixed structure, NLP technology not only understands the meaning of individual words but also captures their wider context to extract relevant information. NLP has many versatile applications and at we mainly use it for running sentiment analyses, clustering... - Predicting the future. The brings you from a reactive management to a proactive decision making. It is the automated data scientist, which identifies opportunities and trends for your investments and your business before they become obvious. The is a revolutionary method to...

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