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FORRS Partners GmbH
FORRS Partners GmbHposted an update2 May
In todays recap we focus on the Croatian Power Exchange @Cropex. Next to offering participation in a day-ahead and an intraday market it is hosting auctions for Guarantees of Origin. Here is a short recap of what Cropex has achieved in 2021: With a volume of ca. 6 TWh the day-ahead market volume decreased slightly by 1.8% in comparison to 2020. The intrady market volume grew substantially by 31.4% to 0.5 TWh in 2021. In 2021 Cropex has organised 27 GOO auctions where 2 million GOOs were sold cor...
FORRS Partners GmbH
FORRS Partners GmbHposted an update25 April
The Slovenian NEMO and power exchange @BSP Southpool can look back on a successful year 2021: Combined Trading Volume of day-ahead and intraday trading has reached an new all-time high with 9.6 TWh electricity traded in 2021. In September the third wave go-live of the Single intraday coupling was conducted. In this wave, Italy was integraded into the #SIDC with its three northern borders between France, Austria and Slovenia. The cross-border capacity between Slovenia and Italy is now allocated ...
FORRS Partners GmbH
FORRS Partners GmbHposted an update20 April
The Greek power exchange HEnEx as part of @EnExGroup can look at two major achieved accomplishments in 2021: The Bulgarian Market is now integrated via the Greek border into the #SDAC since May 11th, 2021. On June 18th, 2021, the Hellenic Energy Exchange Group (EnEx) celebrated its 3-year anniversary. On September 22nd, 2021, the Complementary Regional Intraday Auctions (CRIDAs) between Greece-Italy-Slovenia were implemented successfully. And there is more to be expected in 2022: The Slovakian ...

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FORRS ist eine international tätige Managementberatung mit Sitz in Deutschland  Unsere Kunden agieren an nationalen und internationalen Rohstoff- und Energiemärkten als aktive Händler  FORRS berät Kunden in komplexen und geschäftskritischen Entscheidungsprozessen im energiewirtschaftlichen Handelsumfeld. Wir...

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