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Founded in 2005, FSM is a transnational corporation with branches all over the world leading the development of special purpose equipment and the tooling of new machinery. FSM is accelerating the world with its robotic integrated milling solutions for the automotive manufacturing of battery pack enclosures/trays for electric vehicles. The FSM global R&D engineering team is focusing on lean production methods to minimize the cost of the overall capital investment through all conceptions steps. From the perspective of design architecture, the process of optimization is done without jeopardizing the customer’s final manufacturing requirements for a high-precision assembly and modular machinery that is the key enabler of increased production velocity and flexibility in the EVs’ ‘Race’. FSM is currently providing its expertise in Europe, specifically Germany for well-established clients such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW Porsche and recently VW with the integration of the new cooling exchanger through FSM’s joint venture with 3V. Our signature competencies are: multi axes numeric electric or hydraulic stretch bending, profile roll forming with inline welding and 3 dimensional sweeping, secondary parts & profiles notching, injection molding, high-precision class A stamping, sawing, laser cutting, high speed milling and complete automation, including parts section and hardness control through integration of the previously mentioned processes. We provide personalized, tailored turn-key solutions and combine our global resources for different industries and products such as battery enclosure trays, crash management systems, structural B&W parts, body sealing parts, solar panel frames any much more. FSM provides ADVANCED SOLUTIONS FOR MANUFACTURERS and OEMs.

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  • Mechanical and industrial engineering