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GNS Systems GmbH

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GNS Systems GmbH
GNS Systems GmbHposted an update27 April
OpenFOAM Tuning in the Cloud - Reduce computation times by 80 percent + increase result quality Presentation Slides for GOFUN 2021 Now Available At GOFUN, GNS Systems CEO Christopher Woll demonstrated OpenFOAM tuning in the cloud using a Lego aircraft model as an example. Learn more about new performance dimensions for extremely large CFD simulations with OpenFOAM and Azure Cloud. To the presentation:
GNS Systems GmbH
GNS Systems GmbHposted an update16 April
#HybridHPC: The right balance between on-premise and cloud - tuning for every CAE workflow for years to come A powerful combination of on-premise and cloud for compute-intensive analysis increases the productivity and efficiency of your simulation workloads. Our customised solutions and concepts for tuning your HPC clusters and CAE environments ensure fully automated, smooth and fast processes. Your benefit: Faster and better quality results for virtual product development. Learn more: https:...
GNS Systems GmbH
GNS Systems GmbHposted an update16 February
Mittwoch | 24.02.2021 | 17:OO Uhr 4. Online-Roundtable Artificial Intelligence Unter dem Motto "Was heißt eigentlich intelligent?" lädt der AI-Arbeitskreis von i3systems zusammen mit GNS Systems alle Interessierten am 24. Februar zum interaktiven Austausch ein. Wir starten um 17 Uhr mit einem Impulsvortrag und diskutieren anschließend in lockerer Arbeitsrunde. Jetzt kostenfrei registrieren:

4. Roundtable Artificial Intelligence

Das Online-Vernetzungsevent zum Thema Artificial Intelligence der i³systems!
4. Roundtable Artificial Intelligence

Schön, dass Sie auf unserem Unternehmensprofil vorbeischauen. GNS Systems - IT Services for Engineering Wir bieten innovative IT-Dienstleistungen für die virtuelle Produktentwicklung. Unser Portfolio umfasst maßgeschneiderte Dienstleistungen aus den Themengebieten High Performance Computing, Technical Data Management,...

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