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Harsco Rail Europe GmbH
Harsco Rail Europe GmbHposted this article9 July 2014
Harsco Rail has been awarded its second major railway track and infrastructure maintenance equipment order from SBB, the federal railway system of Switzerland. The award, valued at more than $100 million, calls for 59 high-speed catenary vehicles that will be used for the construction, maintenance and repair of overhead catenary systems throughout Switzerland. Deliveries will begin in 2016 and continue through 2017. ... “This second order underpins our division’s large project pipeline and...

Harsco Rail is a global supplier for railway track maintenance and construction. With a broad range of high quality equipment, cutting-edge technology, and worldwide support, Harsco Rail takes care of customers’ needs for virtually all major aspects of track maintenance and construction. Delivering innovation and performance,...

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