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HILSTER Testing Solutions GmbH
HILSTER Testing Solutions GmbHposted an update29 October 2020
Digitalized Quality Assurance with TestBench In today's times, the testing and quality assurance business is subject to increasingly more complex challenges. Flexibility and a quick adaptation to future test cases go hand in hand with cost optimization. Do you seek a future proof solution that optimally supports your requirements? Does reducing the development time of your test environment, paired with tailor made individualized requirements interest you? ...
HILSTER Testing Solutions GmbH
HILSTER Testing Solutions GmbHposted this article13 October 2020
We released Dashboard-1.0! The HILSTER Dashboard is an interactive analytics and test-management tool for test results during development. It measures test results and requirements coverage and generates informative and meaningful charts. The documentation and the htf-demo offers some videos to get a quick overview. Documentation: htf-demo for Dashboard:

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HILSTER hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, die Digitalisierung der Qualitätssicherung industrieller Produkte in Europa voranzutreiben. In Zeiten der Globalisierung und des Zeit- und Kostendrucks stellt HILSTER einen zuverlässigen Partner für andauernde und erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit dar. Unsere Mission ist es, Unternehmen zur...

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