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IB/E optics GmbH


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IB/E optics GmbH
IB/E optics GmbHposted an update29 March 2021
Lust auf einen modernen und interessanten Arbeitsplatz? Dann komm in unser Team :-)
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IB/E optics GmbH
IB/E optics GmbHposted an update1 March 2021
IB/E optics optical filters In film technology, filters have always helped camera operators to design their films. They have continually been a very useful device to create an unique and outstanding look. Now, IB(E Optics offers a number of new Optical Filters that can design the most diverse flares in backlight and therefore provide a helpful tool for creative expression in the film look. - Bokeh - Impressive - Shine - Organic / Rainbow / Golden Fleece - Atmosphere - Softene...
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IB/E optics GmbH

IB/E Optics GmbH is a designer, manufacturer and service provider of customized optics in the field of image acquisition, projection and illumination. Our developments and products are used worldwide in industry, medicine, photography and professional film production.

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