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IMI., JSCposted this article28 April 2020
As we are growing faster and stronger, our business is expanding, IMI Medical new logo with deep blue and orange as our passion for supplying high-end quality devices to our surgeon. IMI Medical is an individual for our Medical devices and Biologics business line.
IMI., JSCposted this article8 March 2020
IMI., JSC is a medical device supplier in Vietnam, We are supplying to more than 30 hospitals through the country If you are looking for a distributor with expertises in Orthopedic, Spine, Sport Medicine, Wound care please contact us Import department Mrs Emily Tran Ngoc Anh Email: Website:

CTCP Đầu Tư & Thương Mại Y Tế Quốc Tế (IMI., JSC) - Provider of Medical Solutions

Provider of Medical Solutions
CTCP Đầu Tư & Thương Mại Y Tế Quốc Tế (IMI., JSC) - Provider of Medical Solutions

International Medical Commerce & Investment Joint Stock Company (IMI Medical) is a Medical device supplier based in Hanoi started in 2017,  medical device supplier specializes in Orthopedic & Spine, Biologics, Sports Medicine, Vascular, located in Hanoi Vietnam We import, support, technical training and market prescription...

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