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InnetiQs GmbH
InnetiQs GmbHposted an updateToday
Innetiqs is now 2 years old! We are very pleased to announce that Innetiqs is now 2 years old. Innetiqs was founded in February 2022 and has grown steadily since then. We have developed new inspection technologies and equipment, such as the MagIQ SC 200 subsea crawler with its NDT technology. We have been active in various countries, we have grown by another 7 employees and have been able to complete many successful orders for various customers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank e...
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InnetiQs GmbH
InnetiQs GmbHposted an updateYesterday
Our Incoscan utilises direct, high-power eddy current field technology for the inspection of flexible risers. With specially developed eddy current sensors integrated into the underwater scanning system, the technology enables the inspection of flexible risers with outer sheath thicknesses of up to 75 mm to detect wire breaks or cracks in the outer tensile layer. The scanning frame with integrated sensors typically covers the entire 360 degrees of the riser diameter. The opening and closing mech...
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InnetiQs GmbH
InnetiQs GmbHposted an update4 days ago
Our FADS - Flooded Annulus Detection System has a number of functions. It is an elementary support for the integrity assessment of flexible risers. It has an integrated scanning system with ultra-high resolution to enable the detection of annulus flooding within the outer and possibly also the inner tensile armour wire layer of the riser. The scanning system can provide reliable flooding data despite the influence of the water depth pressure. A major advantage is that it can quickly reach the in...
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InnetiQs steht für innovative, intelligente und effektive Inspektionslösungen unter Wasser, an Land und im Weltraum. Wir bieten Lösungsentwicklungen, Inspektionsservices, Produktanfertigungen, Geräteverkauf und Gerätelizenzierung.

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