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Intrinsic Executive Searchposted this article6 February 2017
The highly experienced US-based Headhunter Darrell Rosenstein will head up the new San Francisco office as well as the North American Operations on behalf of Intrinsic Executive Search. The move is part of the 'NextGen' expansion of Intrinsic's strategy to work more closely with the Global MarTech communities, as well as to get closer to its growing VC, customer and candidate base in the US. Darrell commented: "The recent merger between Intrinsic and The Roseinstein Group will offer our cli...

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Headquartered in the United Kingdom with further European coverage, Intrinsic Executive Search Ltd is a leading boutique Executive Search firm specializing in the pan-European recruitment of CEO, Vice President, Director, Senior Sales, Pre-sales, Marketing and Board Level personnel for enterprise software and services firms.

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