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IT.integroposted an update18 January
Now, available online 👉 Master data management and intercompany trade in multi-site companies | DEMO: 3 apps! We introduced you our ISV session during last year Directions EMEA conference in Hamburg. And now you can see a comprehensive overview of the Global Integration Apps for Business Central online. 🎯 Maintain master data consistency 🎯 Share item availability information and customer balances across the group 🎯 Improve intercompany trade Check full session!
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IT.integroposted an update9 January
🔎 How do we create apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? As you may know, we explained the process in detail during the pozitive technologies conference. Our session speakers, Wojciech Kwiczor and Michał Zdanowicz, presented the "Development of Applications for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central by IT.integro". Among the topics that were covered during the session you can find: 👉 system architecture, 👉 development methodology based on the extension technology and Microsoft to...
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IT.integroposted an update21 December 2022
Let your customers grow globally with the solutions created specially for groups of companies. ✏️ Sign up for free webinars: Maintain master data consistency, share item availability information and customer balances across the group and improve intercompany trade. Thanks to the #GlobalIntegrationApps! See you tomorrow during our second Live demo: Introduction to Master Data Management System. Our experts Krzysztof Zieliński and Michał Zdanowicz w...
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As a strategic Dynamics 365 Business Central partner in Poland, we cooperate with Microsoft on educating the market about integrated IT systems and implement the most popular ERP system of the Microsoft product family. The company has successfully completed over 350 implementation projects and 850 other projects.

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