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ITC Deutschland GmbH


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ITC Deutschland GmbH
ITC Deutschland GmbHposted an update13 April 2022
EveryBunny 🐰 relax now! May the weather☀️ be great and may you enjoy peaceful days with your families and friends. Here's what easter 🐣 means to us: E_mpathy A_mazing family and friends quality time S_uccessful finding eggs T_rip to nice places E_nergizing R_esilience 🌷Happy easter to all of you!
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ITC Deutschland GmbH
ITC Deutschland GmbHposted an update14 January 2022
🎬 New Year, new Work! Just get started. We wish you all a happy and healthy new year! By now most of you are back at work. Some with good intentions, 🤹‍♀️ some picking up where something left off last year or continuing their projects. ▶️ For the new year, we wanted to remind you of the famous 72-hour rule. Today, no one knows exactly where it comes from. But it doesn't really matter. The main thing is that it works! 🎤According to this method, all "projects" or initiatives that are started wi...
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ITC ITC – Ihr „Place to be“ für Future Work und Future Skills. Wir designen zukunftsfähige Lernwelten und sind Ihr Coach und Sparringspartner für Innovation. Unser Design „Digital Escort Movement“ fokussiert Ihre digitale Zukunft - von der Standortbestimmung über die Kreation bis hin zur Umsetzung und...

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