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Jobboard Finderposted this article31 January 2017
We had the pleasure of chatting to the number one job board in Israel, AllJobs, about their services and growing popularity as the country’s market leader. We look forward to following AllJobs continuing success and we wish them all the best for their future plans and development. Check it out here:
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Jobboard Finderposted this article26 January 2017
Interestingly, New Zealand was less affected by the economic financial crisis a few years ago than many other countries around the world. Because of this, the government predicts a strong and steady job market that will see a slowing down in terms of job creation and development over the next few year. It is good to note that the unemployment level in New Zealand in 2016 was 4.9%, still quite a low rate for a country that receives around 55,000 immigrants to its shores each year. So we guess tha...
Jobboard Finder
Jobboard Finderposted this article20 January 2017
Argentina has faced a similar unfortunate and unstable job market over the past few decades as can be found in the other neighbouring South American nations. Suffering in the same way because of the economic crisis during the 2000’s and continual crashes in the market, this country is still struggling to rebalance the job sector and see the pot of gold at the end of the economic tunnel. The rate of unemployment is still threateningly high, but not as high as its astonishing record in 2002 of 20....

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