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KDPOFposted an update2 days ago
Thanks for your support! Please vote by next Friday, 28 January 2022, for our integrated KD9351 FOT as your favorite automotive electronics product of 2022! Many thanks to the German electronics journal Elektronik by WEKA Publishing for the nomination! The KD9351 optical interface complements the proven KD1053 digital interface IC, thus providing a full optical port for in-vehicle connectivity at 1 Gb/s. The assembly of the FOT and the IC is simplified and the connector offers snap-fit without ...
KDPOFposted an update4 days ago
Join us today at 16:00 CET for the Members New Product Release Event by EPIC! César Esteban will present our integrated KD9351 FOT that reduces cost for gigabit connectivity, thus providing efficient optical technology for safe backbone and ADAS sensor links in vehicles. Incorporating the transmit and receive optoelectronics into one single component, the KD9351 is an optical transceiver for 100 Mb/s up to 1 Gb/s with a small footprint. “Compared to STP (shielded twisted pair of copper wires), ...

EPIC Members New Product Release - 18 January 2022

The EPIC Members New Product Release will be a combination of an online meeting with qualified attendees, and a live launch on YouTube for everyone to see. Several companies will release their latest products and will have the opportunity to engage with potential partners, clients, and the complete EPIC network! Agenda: Mehdi Farzanehpout, CEO at Scitodate César Esteban, Applications & Support Manager at KDPOF Edward Robinson, Product Design Manager at Arden Photonics Thomas Melle, Head of MicroFab at 4JET Technologies / 4JET microtech Laurynas Cekanavicius, Product Development Manager at Workshop of Photonics Do you have a new product release coming up soon? Would you like to partner with EPIC for the announcement and promotion? Please contact us at Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Follow us on: Twitter: LinkedIn: Upcoming LIVE meetings:
EPIC Members New Product Release - 18 January 2022
KDPOFposted an update5 days ago
Funzin and KDPOF: joint exhibition of plastic optical communication-based automotive network equipment – Semiconductor Network has reported about Funzin implementing our ICs in the new devices “FAIP 3.0” and “Photon” for autonomous vehicles. Funzin has implemented KDPOF’s KD1053 IC and integrated KD9351 FOT (fiber optic transceiver) in the new Funzin AIoT Platform “FAIP 3.0” and Edge AI Device “Photon” for automotive. “An automated driving car requires networks capable of controlling and proc...

㈜펀진-KDPOF, CES 2022에서 플라스틱 광통신기반 자동차 네트웍 장비 합동전시

플라스틱 광통신기반 기가비트 이더넷 통신기술의 선도업체인 KDPOF는 시스템
㈜펀진-KDPOF, CES 2022에서 플라스틱 광통신기반 자동차 네트웍 장비 합동전시

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Fabless semiconductor supplier KDPOF provides innovative high-speed optical networking for harsh environments. Making gigabit communications over fiber optics a reality, KDPOF technology supplies 1 Gb/s optical links for automotive, industrial, and home networks. Founded in 2010 in Madrid, Spain, KDPOF offers their...

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