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kopplr GmbH
kopplr GmbHposted an update14 September 2021
The same API that powers the kopplr user interface is available to you as an API authenticated with the same credentials as on your account 🟠 It provides a GraphQL endpoint complete with a playground and schema, along with documentation for all the datatypes. #api #developer #graphql #flexibility #onestopshop #dockandroll #kopplr
kopplr GmbH
kopplr GmbHposted an update2 September 2021
Join the kopplr console and be one of the first to pre-signup now at 🟠 🟠 #jointhemovement #signup #bethereorbesquare #onestopshop #dockandroll #kopplr

About us

The future merchant service console.

kopplr is a platform changing business forever. It lets merchants access any services they need in one place through one slick interface. Meanwhile banks, marketplaces, and acquirers can use it as a white-label platform to provide payment and value-added services to merchants. Welcome to the future-proofed orchestration solution. Just dock and roll

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Rumfordstraße 42, 80469 München, Germany