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Labs64 GmbH
Labs64 GmbHposted an updateYesterday
GuideChimp 4.2.1 arrived With this maintenance release, we updated the latest reported security advisories and vulnerabilities to make #GuideChimp more secure. #useradoption #useronboarding #userexperience #guidedtour #producttour #walkthrough #engagement #digitaladoption #usertraining #usermanual #JavaScript #plugins #GuideChimp
Labs64 GmbH
Labs64 GmbHposted an update5 days ago
GuideChimp Ecosystem - Open-Source Plugins GuideChimp functionality can be extended using out-of-the-box and third-party plugins. Open-Source GuideChimp Plugins: 🟤 Beacons - Add beacons/hotspots/hints to any element on a website. 🟤 Blurred Overlay - Add a blurred background effect to the tour overlay. 🟤 Lazy-loading - Wait for lazy-loaded or delayed elements on the pag...
Labs64 GmbH
Labs64 GmbHposted an update17 May
Grow your business with us! We’re giving immediate relief for your business. Talk to us and find out more about how we can help you to enable an efficient licensing schema for your products and services. #netlicensing #licensing #productlicensing #businessgrowth #laas

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Erfolgreiches Geschäft entsteht durch innovative Ideen und solide Technologien. Immer sind Menschen beteiligt, die beides zusammenbringen. Labs64 sorgt als unabhängiger IT-Dienstleister durch Beratung und Softwareentwicklung für den Erfolg der Projekte, die Unternehmen auf die Zukunft vorbereiten. Unsere Mission:...

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Radlkoferstraße 2, 81373 München, Germany