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Lead IP GmbH
Lead IP GmbHposted an update26 November 2021
Are you looking for new clients and developing your business even more? With Lead IP, you can! We have a new world of possibilities and growth waiting for you! ☑️Find new clients through our features ☑️Increase your IP network ☑️Make all the Madrid countries get to know your company ☑️Receive any update from your client's case direct in your email without doing anything ☑️Combined with our partners, we also offer Business Development Consulting, Digital Business Development, IP e-learning pro...
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Lead IP GmbH
Lead IP GmbHposted an update28 October 2021
In today’s hyperconnected world, it is no surprise that marketing is ever-changing. Social Media Marketing is a great way to promote your IP Firm, inside and outside your jurisdiction, but it is not as easy as it seems. 🤯 Your social media strategy can go wrong if you don’t know the right techniques for it. We at Lead IP will manage all your Social Media channels, get you closer to your clients and help to find more! From the IP industry to the IP industry: we know what we are doing! 😎 ➡️B...
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Lead IP GmbH
Lead IP GmbHposted an update11 October 2021
We all know the world of Intellectual Property is complex. 🧐 We always need to keep ourselves updated and looking for information. 📚 That's why our partner Chawton Innovation Services Limited, developed a series of bite size videos to help your company grow even further. ✅ 👉The subjects covered are well explained 👉There are more than 50 videos available for your team 👉The videos are, on average, 3 minutes. Which is ideal for concentration and learning 👉White label version - you can cust...
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Lead IP GmbH - The Place for Opportunities

About Us - Lead IP GmbH is based in Munich, and is striving to become the new standard for intellectual property firms. In times of uncertainty, we adapt to market changes by providing our clients with new business opportunities through data-driven information analysis and the creation of cloud-based collaboration tools. A lead generation tool spe

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