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Lifestyle Boardgames ltd.
Lifestyle Boardgames ltd.posted an update2 days ago
Yesterday's head of a psychiatric clinic wakes up and finds himself behind bars. There's no time to think about what happened. You need to find a way out! 🏃‍♂️ Dark Story is thrilling co-operative adventure that fits into a small envelope. You will delve into the mysterious atmosphere of this tabletop quest regardless of whether or not you are familiar with the story of Dr.Dark’s clinic. The players must help Dr. Dark get out of his prison cell at a police station by solving different puzzles. ...
Lifestyle Boardgames ltd.
Lifestyle Boardgames ltd.posted an update11 May
Storytailors got Golden Bear Award 2021! 🏆 Our game Storytailors became one of the winners of the Golden Bear national award in Russia. Storytailors got 2nd prize in the ‘Best Toys and Games’ category. We are proud and thankful that our game is recognized by leading children’s goods industry experts! #Storytailors #LifestyleBoardgames

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Board games publisher and distributor.

We earned a reputation for highly interactive mechanics, innovative components and careful selection of the most interesting concepts from both Russian and international authors. In 2020 our creative approach was highly regarded by Kinderspiel des Jahres for Hedgehog Roll. In 2021 our game Storytailors was also marked by nominating for this award.

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