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Lifestyle Boardgames ltd.
Lifestyle Boardgames ltd.posted an update2 March
🧦 Sock monsters are sneaking around the house stealing lone socks! Help the elves catch them to get the socks back! There are 4 blue, 2 pink, 3 orange and 5 green monsters hidden in the box. Find them all 🔎 #SockMonsters #boardgames
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Lifestyle Boardgames ltd.
Lifestyle Boardgames ltd.posted an update16 February
🦕 The monster of Loch Ness: a frightening beast or an ancient cute dinosaur? And does it even exist? Dive in the famous lake and find the proofs! Your goal is to be first who takes all 6 photos of Nessie. Deep in the water you’ll find different fish and creatures, water plants, shells that have no importance for the photos and prevent divers from #FindingNessie. But they might have some special effects ✨ Discover the underwater life of the Lake and prove that the well-known dinosaur exists! #boardgame
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Lifestyle Boardgames ltd.
Lifestyle Boardgames ltd.posted an update19 January
Shh! Be quiet! It's almost dawn, and all the vampires are going to their beds… or should I say to their graves? 🧛 Dawn Under is a deadly delightful memory game for the whole family! Be the first to find a resting place for all your vampires but make sure to stay away from nasty rats and smelly garlic 🧄 Check out a new review by Spieleblog -

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Board games publisher and distributor.

We earned a reputation for highly interactive mechanics, innovative components and careful selection of the most interesting concepts from both Russian and international authors. In 2020 our creative approach was highly regarded by Kinderspiel des Jahres for Hedgehog Roll. In 2021 our game Storytailors was also marked by nominating for this award.

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