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lisciposted an update30 August 2021
5 Exciting Knowledge Management Trends To Watch In 2021! Read our latest blog post that takes a closer look at these trends: #knowledgemanagement #lifescience #pharma #biotechnology #CDMO #lifesciencecommunity #corporatelearning #training #development #consulting #corporateculture #content #knowledge

5 Exciting Knowledge Management Trends To Watch In 2021

More focus on employee 360-degree views The “360-degree” concept is based on the idea that organizations can obtain a holistic perspective of their employees, their activities and competencies, and all other relevant information. With such a solution, employers can effectively improve employees’ skill sets and track their progress during the employment life cycle. By merging business intelligence (BI) and enterprise search, companies will adopt this more holistic information processing as the
5 Exciting Knowledge Management Trends To Watch In 2021
lisciposted an update5 August 2021
“Your own employees are perhaps the most qualified instructors available to you.” – Google With lisci, we aim to create a platform that encourages employees not only to learn but also to share knowledge, and to teach and mentor colleagues. This would enable them to review and solidify their knowledge. Moreover, this would also encourage an environment of knowledge sharing and democratization, that mitigates the impulse to keep knowledge for themselves and to store critical information in “knowl...
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lisciposted an update7 July 2021
While Big Data provides a great volume, as well as a faster and easier capturing of data, the actual knowledge (i.e. learnings) is not so well captured or documented. One of the reasons is that transforming data and information into knowledge often takes place in the heads and is not automatically captured by technology (yet). We, at lisci, aim to take the next step and focus on the management and transfer of knowledge while providing supplementary services. Get in touch with us:
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lisci ist eine erstklassige Lösung, um das Wissen in Life-Science-Unternehmen zu sammeln, anzureichern, weiterzugeben und nutzbar zu machen. Imprint: Privacy:

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