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Listgrove Limited
Listgrove Limitedposted this article14 November 2017
Following on from a highly successful start to 2017, Listgrove - leading provider of professional recruitment and HR services to the worlds Plastics, Packaging , Chemical and Petrochemical sectors - has broadened its international presence with the opening of offices in Lyon, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Milan, Düsseldorf, Malmö and Dubai. This considerable investment will further develop the already strong localised service and market knowledge and will enable Listgrove to deliver greater cost effecti...
Listgrove Limited
Listgrove Limitedposted this article22 January 2015
UK based Listgrove Limited, specialist provider of recruitment and HR services to the world’s plastics, packaging and chemical sectors, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. We support a wide range of businesses from corporate to small privately owned. In the main, our customers choose to work with us because of the: • Appreciation that every recruitment exercise is different and requires a dedicated approach • Close association with their key products and market sectors • Access t...

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SEIT 1975 WELTWEITE SPEZIALISTEN IN FOLGENDEN INDUSTRIEN: KUNSTSTOFFE, VERPACKUNGEN, PETROCHEMIE, ENERGIE UND UMWELT Seit Ihrer Gründung im Jahre 1975 bietet die Firma Listgrove umfangreiche Dienstleistungen im Bereich der Rekrutierung und des Personalwesens an. Diese sind darauf ausgerichtet weltweit hochtalentierte...

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