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LivChem Logistics GmbH
LivChem Logistics GmbHposted an update12 August 2021
The work in a warehouse can be very stressful at times. Some orders come in at short notice and must be processed as soon as possible. Even then, our warehouse team takes the necessary care that is required when packing hazardous materials. The goods are packed without damage, dust-free and protected from environmental influences. #LivchemLogistics #Logistics #Warehouse #Team #HazMat #Dedication #safety
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LivChem Logistics GmbH
LivChem Logistics GmbHposted this article16 September 2020
The annual issue “Who is Who of the dangerous business” in Gefahr/GUT magazine has been published. This issue contains a compendium of important contact details in the industry and we are very happy to be listed again this year. Take a look at our profile: #LivchemLogistics #Warehouse #Logistics #ColdStrorage
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LivChem Logistics GmbH
LivChem Logistics GmbHposted this article26 February 2020
We are beginning with the preparations for the Chemspec Europe 2020, on May 27th-28th. This year the exhibition is taking place in Cologne and we are already excited to meet you there! More details will follow soon 😊 If you’d like to set-up a meeting, please send us an e-mail to: #LivchemLogistics #ChemspecEurope2020 #Cologne
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Seit Gründung der Firma Livchem im Jahre 2006 bietet unser Team von Logistik-Experten Präzisionslogistik im Chemiebereich an. Seit mehr als 10 Jahren übernehmen wir für unsere Kunden ausgelagerte Logistikdienstleistungen. Unsere Kunden sind Unternehmen, die eine schnelle und effiziente Musterabwicklung und/oder einen...

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