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Locis GmbH


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Locis GmbH
Locis GmbHposted an update20 August 2019
Front-end edge device for automation solutions by Locis GmbH in technology partnership with BEL EOOD
Locis GmbH
Locis GmbHposted an update23 January 2019
Sneak peek: BIM2Sim & CITY2Sim Digital Building and City Models in ultra-fast meshless numerical simulation for urban wind field and pedestrian comfort evaluation using ANSYS Discovery Live, digital city models by virtualcitySYSTEMS and BIM/City simulation extensions by CADFEM.
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Locis stands for "spatial experiance"! Locis is an independant company, owned and managed by Christian Sorger and Felix Frischmann and located in Taufkirchen near Munich. Christian and Felix are experts in software development, more specific in software architectures and algorithms for CAD, CAE and CAM solutions.  Locis...

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