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Lucas Blake Limited
Lucas Blake Limitedposted this article22 October 2015
Interesting article on why German workers work fewer hours but produce better results. We would be keen to hear if our German followers agree
Lucas Blake Limited
Lucas Blake Limitedposted this article1 October 2015
The latest Lucas Blake blog post focuses on our experience of doing business in Germany and how to get it right. We would obviously welcome comments on this from any of our German followers.
Lucas Blake Limited
Lucas Blake Limitedposted this article28 April 2015
The next instalment in our series of blog poses on the IT industry trends of 2015 focuses on analytics. Gartner has outlined ‘Advanced, Pervasive and Invisible Analytics’ as being one of the technologies that will unify the technology trends of 2015.

Lucas Blake specialises in the recruitment of IT Sales Professionals throughout Europe with a focus on the UK and DACH regions. Established in December 2014, we have office locations at Manchester Airport and also Harpenden (close to London) in the South East of England. Lucas Blake can support your business in identifying...

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