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LUCIT Systems and Development


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LUCIT Systems and Development
LUCIT Systems and Developmentposted an update27 March 2023
🚀 New Release Alert: unicorn-binance-websockdet-api v1.43.1 is out! This Python API lets you easily access the Binance Websocket API's data. Check it out on: 👉 PyPI: 👉 Anaconda: #automatedtrading #algorithmictrading #tradingbots #autotrading #quantitativetrading #tradingsystems #fintech #InvestmentTechnology #trading #development #UnicornBinanceSuite #LUCIT #Python #Binance
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LUCIT Systems and Development

Consulting, Creation, Hosting and Maintenance We have several years of experience in the development of automated trading systems in the financial as well as crypto-financial world and skillfully create asynchronous, multithreaded or multiple subprocess algorithms.

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LUCIT Systems and Development

Am Berg 391, 3970 Weitra, Austria