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Memsourceposted this article30 October 2020
Memsource team is attending Tekom 2020 Conference this year and is available to speak with you! Have some questions about machine translation (MT)? Interested in learning more about automation or custom integrations? Or, just want to have a chat? Feel free to reach out, they’d be happy to answer your questions over a hot coffee. Save your spot ➤
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Memsourceposted an update21 March 2014
The completely new set of shared projects features are a bit of a revolution. These features make it possible for separate organizations in Memsource Cloud to collaborate. Before version 4.1 translation jobs could only be assigned to linguist users. Starting with 4.1, translation jobs (more precisely projects) can be assigned to other organizations that have an account in Memsource Cloud. These are some examples of how the new shared projects feature can be used: - An enterprise Memsource ...

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Überblick Memsource bietet mit Memsource Cloud eine komplette Übersetzungsumgebung mit einem Translation Memory, integrierter maschineller Übersetzung, Terminologiemanagement und dem Memsource Editor, der als kostenloser Download erhältlich ist. Loggen Sie sich einfach ein, und innerhalb von Minuten können Sie Ihren eigenen...

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