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Micrasysposted an update19 May 2021
The ORCA-Fusion BT camera excels with extremely low readout noise, CCD-like uniformity and fast frame rates. It is powerful and produces stunning images with high signal-to-noise ratio even under the most difficult applications and previously impossible experiments. More about ORCA:
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Micrasysposted an update11 May 2021
The INFINITY3-6UR from Lumenera is a high speed camera with high sensitivity and resolution. It is the ideal general purpose camera for microscopy applications as it offers excellent color reproduction, speed and light sensitivity. Accordingly, it is ideally suited for the analysis of microstructures in suboptimal lighting conditions. Read more:
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Micrasysposted an update6 May 2021
Despite its name, the Tokai Hit clear glass heating plate STANDARD is one of our most popular products. It allows precise control of sample temperature, making it versatile and ensuring optimal control. READ MORE =>
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Micrasys - microscope automation system Micrasys bietet seinen Kunden Produkt- und Systemlösungen rund um die Lichtmikroskopie. Mit mehr als 15 Jahren Erfahrung im Bereich der Automatisierungstechnik für die Mikroskopie  ist es unsere Intention, in Verbindung  mit unserem Netzwerk internationaler Partner, das passende...

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