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Micro IT s.r.o.


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Micro IT s.r.o.
Micro IT s.r.o.posted an update8 April 2014
Automotive suppliers are required by law under the AALA to respond to customer requests for information describing the percentage of US/Canada content and the country of origin of passenger vehicle equipment. Micro IT made this certificate populated automatically by customs solution integrated within SAP GTS system! "One click solution" --> Pre-filled form is generated, email is sent to the customer with pdf attachment. Reduction of manual work? Oh, a big YES!! Well done Micromen.. :)
Micro IT s.r.o.
Micro IT s.r.o.posted an update27 March 2014
Can you imagine to correctly classify 30k products in one month for all legal regulations? Success story provided! Micro IT has introduced Classification Proposal Tool (CPT). Based on one country classification all relevant legal regulations can inherit right HS code automatically. Classification is being proposed by the system. Significant reduction of manual work. User friendly - Proved! Great job Micromen!

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Micro IT is young perspective company based in Slovakia, having GTS Consultants and GTS Developers available implementing SAP GTS and supporting customers within Europe and Asia.

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