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Mindcurv GmbH

Mindcurv GmbH


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Mindcurv GmbH
Mindcurv GmbHposted an update1 April
Mindcurv’s cloud experts helped Vorwerk Group realize huge savings while migrating their platform and their unique IoT business model to Amazon EKS. How does migrating to Amazon EKS help your business? Read on to find out:
Mindcurv GmbH
Mindcurv GmbHposted an update16 March
Some interesting news on our growth front! Mindcurv has joined forces with Cloud Consulting Group, one of Germany’s top salesforce partners. With this acquisition, we have added a whole new dimension to our portfolio. Exciting times ahead! Learn more now:

Rethink your digital. Mindcurv helps you rethink your digital business, experiences, and technology. We do this by designing sustainable and accountable solutions for humans living in a digital world. We have orchestrated the perfect mix of future-ready technology, agile processes, and talented people. We offer a holistic...

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