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Am 14. Januar haben wir bei Japamburg - gegründet von NIHHON und Toshiko Arts - Ángel Guevara als Speaker zu Gast. Wer schon immer wissen wollte, was es braucht, um in Japan gegen den Strich zu gehen und genau deshalb erfolgreich zu sein, sollte den Termin nicht verpassen. Anmeldung entweder über Meetup: Oder LinkedIn:
Johannes Budkiewitz, Gründer und Geschäftsführer von NIHHON wurde kürzlich für den Podcast "Business Success Japan" interviewt. Das Interview zu den Themen Collaboration, Disruption, Bildung und Nachhaltigkeit in Japan finden Sie unter dem folgenden Link. Kommen Sie bei Fragen gerne Herrn Budkiewitz ins Gespräch.

Opportunities for Disruption and Collaboration in Japan and Germany with Johannes Budkiewitz by Business Success Japan

In today's conversation, NIHHON founder Johannes Budkiewitz shares his insights into a wide range of topics, including how the Japanese education system offers opportunities for disruption alongside the rise of startups, as well as the unique opportunities that exist for collaboration between Japan and Germany. He also speaks about sustainability issues and initiatives in both countries, as well as what mindsets are necessary to find lasting success in Japan. Today's Word: サークル sa-a-ku-ru meaning: a club, team, or informal hobby group, usually at school or university Johannes' Links: LinkedIn: Homepage: Instagram: Facebook: Book Recommendation: "Sharing a house with the Never-Ending Man" by Steve Alpert: Related Episodes: On Being an Effective Communicator in Japan with Anthony Griffin ( Discovering Ma: Finding Success in Japan by Learning to Pay Attention with Byron Barón ( Pursuing Mastery of the Japanese Language with Graeme Lawrence ( Want to support the podcast? Check the podcast's ko-fi page to help keep me well-caffeinated: Be sure to subscribe for more Japanese language and cultural insights. And if you enjoy the podcast, please leave a review so that other people can find it as well. And of course, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for future episodes, please email me at
Opportunities for Disruption and Collaboration in Japan and Germany with Johannes Budkiewitz by Business Success Japan

NIHHON - Bridging Hamburg and Japan

Willkommen bei NIHHON, Ihrer Brücke nach Japan! Wir sind Ihre Japan-Experten in Hamburg und bieten Ihnen umfassende Dienstleistungen für Ihren Austausch mit Japan.

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