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nuveon gmbhposted an update3 days ago
Through our work with the Fraunhofer IAO innovation network over the years we learned that a major roadblock in the adoption and implementation of AI in the manufacturing industry was missing or incorrect data recordings needed for correct cause and effect relations. This is true for humans as for the AI learning process. A recent conference visit confirmed this observation where different AI implementation projects presented there identified missing data as a major issue at the implementation s...
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nuveon gmbh
nuveon gmbhposted an update15 May
Sie wünschen sich, dass die Besten bei Ihnen arbeiten und bleiben möchten? Dass sie schnell und mit Freude ihr volles Potential entfalten? Jedoch liegt auch bei Ihnen der Fokus immer wieder auf Optimierung von Technik und Prozessen? Die Menschen müssen sich anpassen? Ihre Mitarbeiter müssen lange lernen um zu verstehen? Die Komplexität steigt auch bei Ihnen exponentiell an? mVariants verschafft Ihnen die Luft die Sie brauchen und übernimmt das Wissensmanagement zu Ihrem Produkt! mVariants erle...
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nuveon gmbh
nuveon gmbhposted an update10 May
“The increased degree of automation in our processes is a real gain in productivity for everyone involved. The intuitive and easy-to-understand user interface of nuveon mHub made a significant contribution to this, with which we were able to dispense with lengthy training sessions for employees on the machines,” This is just one statement from a satisfied customer. Check out what others had to say...
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Nuveon was born in 2009 as a result of a long-term collaboration of its founders at the Interdisciplinary Institute for intelligent business processes (i3G) at the University of Heilbronn. Back then, before the Internet of Things (IoT) was a recognized term, nuveon set its foundations on the Wiki principles (open, simple,...

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