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NUVI Releaf
NUVI Releafposted this article14 August 2020
Holistic concept. ♻️ Tobacco is planted on an annual basis. While the cigarette industry only uses the leaves, we process the whole plant for our leather alternatives. The next steps of our production manage to come without any hazards for the farmers: we don’t use heavy metals, chemicals or tannins. Promised! 🤝
NUVI Releaf
NUVI Releafposted this article12 August 2020
FAIR ENOUGH. The history of tobacco has its dark chapters with underpaid pickers and child labor. Our attempt is to give these workers a better perspective and a better purpose to these plants 🌿 We make sure to source from fair trade partners around the world where employees are paid fairly and treated well. Because when their work is paid properly, there’s no need for their children to work.
NUVI Releaf
NUVI Releafposted this article10 August 2020
RETHINKING TOBACCO 🍃🍂 It’s about time to turn around the bad image of this plant. As a basis for our leather alternative we use its unique characteristics in a positive manner: by processing the whole plant we reduce waste and by paying a living wage to farmers we give them a new option besides working for the cigarette industry. Not too bad, right?

RETHINKING LEATHER. Die pflanzliche Lederalternative. Echtes Leder-Feeling – gefertigt aus Tabak. Ein gutes Gefühl: Echtes Leder-Feeling mit reinem Gewissen. Unsere aus feinsten, fair gehandelten Tabakpflanzen hergestellte, vegane Lederalternative ist PETA-zertifiziert und lässt sich hervorragend verarbeiten. Die sanfte...

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