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out-of-the-box systems GmbH
out-of-the-box systems GmbHposted an update19 April 2021
Today, we have designed the last printed circuit board (PCB) for the next SPA-LEED power supply. Formerly 1800 airwires are now nicely routed. #spaleed #betterleed
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out-of-the-box systems GmbH
out-of-the-box systems GmbHposted an update11 January 2021
While lines of code (LoC) is a good measure for the size/complexity of a software, it is not easy to use it for productivity estimates ( ). An average programmer writes between 10 and 50 lines of code per day, depending on project size and application. Thus, WinSPA contains by now at least 1000 person days ~ 4 person years of work. #SPALEED #BetterLEED #WinSPA

How much code can a coder code?

Lines of code (LOC) is a simple way to measure programmer productivity. Admittedly it is a flawed metric. As Bill Gates famously said “Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measur…
How much code can a coder code?

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Wir sind spezialisiert auf Komponenten, Software and Service für Forschungsanwendungen, vor allem in der Oberflächenphysik und wir konzentrieren uns auf Werkzeuge zur hochauflösenden niederenergetischen Elektronenbeugung. Unsere Arbeit ist der Entwicklung von Werkzeugen für wissenschaftliche Forschung gewidmet,...

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