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Polyneers GmbH


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Polyneers GmbH
Polyneers GmbHposted an update9 June 2021
Ready for our new content series? In the next four weeks we will look at different aspects regarding #biocompatibility evaluation of #medical devices. First of all – Part 1: What is #ISO10993 ?
Polyneers GmbH
Polyneers GmbHposted an update2 June 2021
True experts recognize the limits of what they know and what they do not know. This is why we connect with other experts like Konstruktionsbüro Hein GmbH . #polyneers #OptimizeByUnderstanding #medizintechnik #medicalpolymers
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Polyneers GmbH
Polyneers GmbHposted an update17 May 2021
Curious about medical products and polymers? Click the links below to check out the latest episode of "SKZ Kunststoff nachgefragt – der Podcast" with us: Thanks for hosting us @ruff @hefner ! #polyneers # OptimizeByUnderstanding #medicalpolymers

Kunststoff Nachgefragt

Listen to Kunststoff Nachgefragt on Spotify. Podcast by SKZ Das
Kunststoff Nachgefragt

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