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Pro Sky AG


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Pro Sky AG
Pro Sky AGposted an update26 July 2021
You enjoy working with people, booking single tickets & group flights? You thrive when you find THE flight solution for your customer? ✈💻 Then we have the right job offer for you!

Corporate Travel Consultant
Corporate Travel Consultant
Pro Sky AG
Pro Sky AGposted an update30 March 2021
"Happiness is not an accident, it's a choice. This quote illustrates why I chose to work for Pro Sky," says Laurie, our new Assistant Director Sales Europe. The 22-year-old is about to finish her MBA 2 at Escaet, loves traveling, and thus decided to work for us. So what does Laurie think about her first month at Pro Sky? ✈🧡 "Pro Sky really is the best company I could have found myself in after these five years of studying! It's been great to start this adventure with such a positive team who ...
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PRO SKY macht das Reisen mit Gruppen und VIPs leicht. Unser Full Service bietet alle Optionen rund um Linienflüge, Flugzeugcharter und Flüge in Privatjets und Helikoptern. FLUGZEUGCHARTER Mit Pro Sky wird das Chartern eines Flugzeugs zum Kinderspiel. Unsere Experten analysieren alle auf dem Markt verfügbaren...

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Schanzenstraße 6-20, Wickelei 2.11 im Carlswerk, 51063 Köln, Germany