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Proxima Solutions GmbH

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Proxima Solutions GmbH
Proxima Solutions GmbHposted this article22 January
There are many options in the market for wind asset management solutions, if you have not decided yet, ask for our demo and discover all the benefits of having your wind farm data wherever you go. The power to discover your wind asset's hidden potential is in your hands! Ask for the demo here!
Proxima Solutions GmbH
Proxima Solutions GmbHposted this article27 November 2020
Introducing the new Proxima Solutions. Our company values data flow as the main resource, giving our clients the power to better understand the performance of their renewable energy assets. Transforming raw data into useful insights is what lets us go beyond present needs. Stay tuned for more.
Proxima Solutions GmbH
Proxima Solutions GmbHposted this article26 November 2020
We are evolving, our image is changing, and our team is ready to face all-new challenges the industry presents through the implementation of disruptive strategies. #proximasolutions

Proxima Solutions is a German Company founded in 2018 to provide a digital platform for the asset management of renewable energy plants.  Combining artificial and human intelligence, data science and renewable energy expertise, we offer a suite of software tools that enables asset owners and asset managers to increase...

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