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Puzzle softwareposted this article13 June 2019
If one picture is worth more than 1000 words, still it is not enough to describe how much we are proud of this amazing experience. 😊 Thank you all for being a part of #AgileSerbiaConference and for sharing this experience with us, that’s why it is so special 😊 Till next event, be Agile and stay tuned! 👥😊
Puzzle software
Puzzle softwareposted this article4 June 2019
#BIZCorner is a place where participants will get opportunity to share experience and knowledge in business development based on Agile principles, with some of the best practitioners in this region. Great opportunity to learn more about our partners who live Agile, their work and to make new B2B contacts! 😊 #endava #proctorio #unitedcloud #agileserbiaconference2019
Puzzle software
Puzzle softwareposted this article3 June 2019
Next stop at #AgileSerbiaConference – EXE stage! Here are amazing coaches you can meet there: Riina Helstrom with Q&A session, Predrag Rajković, Miroslav Aničin with Luka Aničin and Marko Majkić. Enjoy great workshops with Agile coaches who will introduce you with some specific topics through their session: SAFe for Enterprise, Design Sprint or Mastering Coach techniques.

Puzzle Software is a team of passionate and dedicated IT professionals and Agile ambassadors devoted to excellence. We strive to deliver the highest quality software solutions to our clients, and to provide the best education in the field of Agile Development. We operate in the USA and SEE region. We have been providing...

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