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QMCert GmbH
QMCert GmbHposted this article21 April 2020
RUSSIA HAS SHIFTED DEADLINES OF GOVERNMENT CONTROL The Resolution raises following topics: Rescheduling the procedure of confirming the competency of accredited bodies (Certification Bodies and Laboratories) defined for 6 month
QMCert GmbH
QMCert GmbHposted this article28 February 2020
Strategy of the Russian Federation Policy 2020/2030 The strategy aims to improve the consumer protection by strengthening its material and for conducting highly accurate research and examination and by implementing international standards. The exchange of information on prohibited or exempted goods enables importing countries to protect consumers from harm. Follow us on
QMCert GmbH
QMCert GmbHposted this article19 February 2020
Russian certification: Improvement of the certification standards. Government adopted a resolution No. 1236 where its been introduced the Government’s powers to exclude organizations (Certification Bodies (CB) and Laboratories)from the Register, if there are any facts confirming that the accredited person no longer meets certain criteria. #conformity#technicalregulations

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Product Certification, Quality Project Management and Testing Services for the Russian market: the whole package of product conformity assessment and certification requirements for Customs Union. We offer resources and precise expertise to help exporters to obtain needed documents in order to access the Russian market. -...

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